Robert and Deedra Grubbs: Middle-Aged Montgomery County Couple's Crime Wave Over

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Shelby County Sheriff's Office
Bobby Grubbs: Believed to have killed one and wounded two others at an East Texas motel.
A middle-aged Montgomery County couple is now behind bars after a brutal home invasion in The Woodlands followed by a horrific triple shooting in deep East Texas.

Shelby County authorities believe that Bobby Dewayne Grubbs and Deedra Michelle Grubbs arrived there after Wednesday morning's assault and burglary. According to KLTV, police say that at around 9 a.m., today Bobby Grubbs gunned down three housekeepers -- one fatally -- at the Country Inn in the town of Joaquin and fled in a gray Oldsmobile belonging to one of the victims. At around 2:30 this afternoon, the couple had arrived back in Montgomery County, where they were arrested after a short pursuit.

deedra grubbs.jpg
Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Deedra Grubbs: Sweet-talked her way into a former employer's home, then beat and robbed her, police say.
According to police in Montgomery County, Deedra Grubbs knocked on the door of a home in the Champion Lake subdivision of The Woodlands, one where she recently worked as a housekeeper. Grubbs put on a friendly face and chatted with the alleged victim and reportedly asked the female homeowner if she could talk about getting some more work.

When the resident cracked the door, Deedra and Bobby both burst in, beat the woman, tied her up and then ransacked the home, taking weapons and jewelry. The victim required hospitalization.

The two survivors of the Joaquin shooting were taken to hospitals, one in the town of Center and the other to Shreveport. Both are expected to pull through.

The third victim, identified as 37-year-old Martha Soceredoi, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police in Joaquin believe that robbery was the motive. They say money was missing from the motel and the couple hijacked one of their victims' cars.

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Do you writers know how big East TX is and many small towns there are here??? I happen to live in one of them so could you please identify them in your articles?


Er, Champion Lake subdivision (the one off Budde Rd) isn't in The Woodlands.It's in an unincorporated area of the county I think. You can tell by the street signs which aren't brown.


Hey you insensitive jerk. My mom was the victim. Champion Lake is a very nice subdivision 3 blocks from the woodlands.


Really does anyone care at this point that Champion Lake Subdivision isnt in your precious high society of The Woodlands. What about the woman the strangled, the people who have been robbed or the woman that was murdered? Dont you think these things are little more important?


Your mother and your family will be in my prayers.


Truly sorry for your loss.

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