A Man's World: 88 Percent of Jobs Created in Recovery Have Gone to Men

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When it comes to jobs, it is.
If you thought somehow the days of gender equality were here, an interesting piece by Bloomberg News offers evidence to the contrary: 88 percent of the jobs created since the recession officially ended in June 2009 have gone to men.

One economist uses the awful phrase "man-covery" to describe it.

Most of the new jobs being created are in manufacturing, and apparently the ladies don't like to risk breaking their fingernails, or so bosses apparently think. Some of it has to do with re-hiring laid-off employees by seniority, too, we're sure.

Two interesting data points:

1) "The share of men saying the economy was improving jumped to 41 percent in March, compared with 26 percent of women, according to the Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index's monthly expectations gauge."

2) "Retailers are taking notice of the divergence as men are propelling a revival in demand for items from pickup trucks to suits and underwear."

As long as the little ladies are happy staying home and watching soap operas, everything's fine, we guess.

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Baby Snails
Baby Snails

Same shit, different administration....

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