6 Awesome Things About Bobby Petrino's Resume

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The Bobby Petrino Saga. It won't go away. And that's good because I can't look away.

Last Friday, I posted the links to and a summary of the various documents that were released to the public. (Hat tip to the Freedom of Information Act, the plague on the house of any state employee who has skeletons in his or her closet.) Well, this weekend, I had a chance to go through the documents in greater detail.

Was I the only one sitting by the pool this weekend with 300 pages worth of Petrino-related documents and a cold drink? I'd like to think not, but in case you weren't, I found the hidden gem of all Petrino administrative gems: Bobby Petrino's resume!

No, I'm not talking about Bobby's list of conquests not named "Becky Petrino" (all of whom I'm sure would require posting on the "Outkicked Pics" gallery at outkickthecoverage.com). I'm talking about Petrino's actual resume -- his personal list of places he's worked and things he's accomplished.

A power resume works
I think it probably makes sense at this point to have you open Petrino's personnel file, so class, please click on the link and go to page 12. It is here that you will find the ousted Arkansas head football coach's "resume," and if you're like me -- a self-respecting American who's had to apply for a job before -- you'll appreciate just how ridiculous this document is.

(Let me point out that I fully realize that this was a document that was probably constructed after the fact so that Petrino's state employee personnel file could be "complete." I doubt Petrino went to monster.com, saw an opening for "Arkansas Head Football Coach" and applied for the job in a conventional fashion, complete with an attention-grabbing cover letter and this poor excuse for a resume. Granted, if he did that would be the ballsiest employment seeking "heat check" ever, frankly something you'd expect from a guy who rides a motorcycle in public without a helmet and with his mistress on the back of the bike.)

How much do I love this resume? Let me count the ways:

6. It's entitled "RESUME" at the top of the page
Usually when someone is sending you their resume, it's kind of understood that that's what it is, but maybe the good people in Arkansas need to be reminded exactly what "that there dockyment that has all that feller's old jobs listed" is called. Either that or maybe Bobby Petrino feels the need to entitle all of his personal documents, and if that's the case did he put "PUNK ASS EXIT LETTER" at the top of the note he left for his Falcon players when he skulked out of Atlanta in the middle of the night?

5. Petrino attempted to put an accent on the word "RESUME"
First of all, I don't know of a single English speaking person who feels compelled to place an accent on the long e (called an "accent aigu" by the French, in case you need to know) at the end of the word "resume," but whatever. Bonus points for Petrino for trying to be worldly, I guess. Very European, Bobbo. However, if you're going to "accent up" the word "resume," then you need to understand that both e's should have the accent aigu. I mean, make up your mind, Bobbo -- if you're going to be accentually correct, then get it right. Finally, if you're going to apply accents to the word "resume," then use an actual accent mark. An apostrophe is not an accent mark. Using an apostrophe as an accent aigu is the punctuation equivalent of farting in the bath tub and calling it a jacuzzi.

4. Petrino refers to himself as "Bobby" at the top of the page
This is funny on two levels. First, the general rule of thumb with resumes is to use your full given name, and unless Petrino's parents named him "Bobby," then the appropriate protocol is to use his full name of "Robert." Second, and more importantly, you have a grown man referring to himself as "Bobby." Isn't there an age where you cease being "Bobby" and you become "Bob"? Like, 12 years old?

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I find the cell phone memo on page 14 from Bobby P funny.  "Please do not give my cell phone number to anyone without my permission."  The irony...Great stuff Sean.


Farting in the tub is fun!


The only thing Patrino did wrong was to give his mistress an on campus job. She may have been qualified, but still.

chris dixon
chris dixon

Does it make you feel better about yourself to demean Arkansans?


It's a blog, not an article. Learn2internet. Inb4hahaItrollu.


WOW!  Thanks for the in depth article on the spelling errors on Bobby Petrino's resume!  Who cares??


Sean,Great job as always.  However, I must point out the gold mine that can be found on page 10.  The Essential Physical Requirements address activities such as bending, driving, exposure, pushing and my favorite, repetitious movement.  Enjoy.

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