25 Random Thoughts on This Upcoming Astros Season

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The Astros season starts today, and since I'm always in search of a cheap and easy post, I thought I would throw out some random thoughts about the Astros heading into the season.

25. The first Astros pitcher to collect a loss will be Brett Myers when he blows a save -- that save will probably be blown by way of a home run.

24. Jim Crane will fire Milo Hamilton in mid-May after Crane, stuck in his car and not able to make a home game, gets pissed that the only thing he learns is what Milo had for lunch.

23. What number will be higher? The number of home runs hit by Carlos Lee or the number of games missed by new shortstop Jed Lowrie?

22. On the plus side, the Astros aren't the Chicago Cubs.

21. At some point around the All-Star break, Jeff Luhnow will snap and, instead of implying that Ed Wade's an idiot, will come right out and say it.

20. The Astros will not lose more than 100 games this season.

19. Hey, this is the last year of Brandon Lyon's contract.

18. The Astros will be bad this season, but they won't be the worst team in major league baseball.

17. Games will be shorter this season as Humberto Quintero won't be around to throw down to first base after every pitch.

16. Carlos Lee will run at some point this season. It might be to the buffet, but at some point, he'll attempt to flash some speed.

15. If you want to catch a home run ball, be sure to go to a game when J.A. Happ's pitching.

14. How is J.A. Happ still in a major league rotation?

13. Chris Johnson will excel at third base, both on offense and defense.

12. Hey, did you know the Astros are moving to the American League West next season?

11. Which will be higher: Carlos Lee's batting average, or his weight?

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Jim C
Jim C

Lowrie will easily miss more gaimes than Lee has home runs.  It won't even be close.

James Bailey
James Bailey

I caught about 10 minutes of a game on the radio when Milo returned from some break. It was the most akward 10 minutes of baseball I've listened to. Even with whats his name trying to lead Hamilton in conversation about ANYTHING, much less the game, there was mostly silence or down right insulting talk about the players on the field to which the other guy would uncomfortably laugh and steer the conversation in another direction. It must have been Milo's attempt at humor, but it was pretty degrading stuff about the home team. Milo has been pretty bad, but if that was any indication of the upcoming season, I don't see how Crane can responsibly keep him in in the booth at all. There was a lot of "now who's that", "doesn't he have a number", "I think uh, um"... bad, bad, bad.

big red
big red

There is a strong correlation between #17 and #9

Mr. Ten Minutes for each at bat, Brett Wallace is in the minors now, so the games will be shorter in duration. Man, is Wallace slow, and not only afoot. His hijinks between pitches drives me crazy.

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