UH Board Approves New Football Stadium, Construction to Begin

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The UH Board of Regents has approved plans to build a new football stadium on the other end of campus from site of Robertson Stadium, president Renu Khator says.

"Board approves construction of stadium at current site...watch for the new stadium rising!" she tweeted a short while ago.

The school announced in June a $160 million plan (see update) to build a new football stadium and extensively renovate Hofheinz Pavilion, UH's basketball arena.

As we noted then, the plan included some pretty optimistic estimates on how much the school would get in naming rights: $30 million for the football stadium, with a possible $55 million for ancillary naming rights.

The rest of the funds will come from private donations. The school has announced occasional updates on the fundraising project indicating it was getting close enough to the goal to begin construction, and the effort has now apparently reached that point.

Anyone who's watched the Coogs at the somewhat charming but decidedly outdated Robertson will have to get used to a totally new experience, provided they have enough cash for the exclusive areas and the architect's renderings come true:


More details as they become available.

Update: UH spokesperson Shawn Lindsay tells Hair Balls the approved plan is a $105 million project, and the project "will break ground immediately following the 2012 football season."

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Who needs academic scholarships when you have another football stadium to build.

Prof Topkat
Prof Topkat

With all t he hollering and screaming about college and university budget cuts by  the state, how in hell can anyone justify spending $160 million dollars during these hard times for a fucking football stadium?


Much better. Now it just needs to be located in the Galleria area and we will have a winner. (Maybe that site that the Dynamo used as leverage to get their land deal?)


UH is a big boy and can do both.  


Peanuts.  Probably what it takes to gas up a few hummers in Afghanistan for a month.

That money isn't going down a rathole somewhere, I'm sure Houston A and E firms are just salivating to bid as are Houston GC's.  Jobs baby. 

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