Seven Highlights from the "Rick Perry for President 2012" Facebook Page, Where Hope Never Dies

Comin' at ya!!
As we proved conclusively yesterday in chart form, Rick Perry is riding a rocket of momentum (Note: The chart included an actual rocket) towards the White House, with his Super Tuesday vote total a vast increase over his Michigan/Arizona primaries total.

The fever is building, if the mainstream media would just take off its blinders.

Luckily, there is one place where the dream lives on: the ""Rick Perry For President 2012" Facebook page. Seven highlights:

7. The poster is ready
Perry doesn't need to hire a bunch of high-profile, expensive graphic artists. Nikola Nikolic is on the case!

6. A plaintive cry
For more mouth.

5. More racetracks!!
F1 racing? Sounds a little "Euro" to us, dude.

4. The saddest poodle
Boy, and you thought Michele Bachmann had a bad political year.

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David Houston
David Houston

In fairness, these postings are pretty old going on the dates - January and February, he was still in, or barely out of the campaign when these things were posted.  I'm beginning to think someone at HP has a hard-on for Rick Perry.  ;-)

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