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Place your bets on Bronco Peyton Manning
It's official now, Peyton Manning will be a Denver Bronco after signing a five-year, $96 million contract that essentially boils down to being a series of one-year contracts over the next five years. No signing bonuses, no roster bonuses, plenty of protection in case Manning sustains injury again.

In short, it's a good deal for both sides.

In yesterday's post I broke down the ripple effect of the Manning signing on various parties, but I did leave out one important group -- degenerate gamblers! Today, this post is for all of you!

Courtesy of bovada,lv, here are several available Manning-related wagers along with my recommendations for each one based on what we know today:

When evaluating these Peyton season total odds for various statistics, a good starting point is "What does an average Peyton Manning season look like?" Well, taking out his rookie season, which is an outlier in every sense of the word, an average Peyton season is 4,257 yards, 31 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and a 65 percent completion rate. Having established that and looking at the numbers below, any determination on which way to go with the wagers is a bet on Peyton's health, especially the wagers where the inclination is to go OVER, like yards and touchdown passes. My favorite bet of this group is the interception bet because I think in a full season, Manning still goes under 16 1/2 interceptions; if something happens to him medically then he will almost certainly go under.

Peyton Manning -- Total Passing Yards in the 2012 Regular Season?
Over/Under 4,000


Peyton Manning -- Total TD Passes in the 2012 Regular Season?
Over/Under 28½


Peyton Manning -- Completion percentage in the 2012 Regular Season?
Over/Under 65 percent


Peyton Manning -- Total Interceptions in the 2012 Regular Season?
Over/Under 16½


The bet below has almost nothing to with Manning's situation in Denver. It's your standard "beginning of the game" prop bet. Honestly, other than the fact that Peyton Manning probably almost always completes his first pass, how can even you make an educated guess? One thing I do know: +1,000 are terrible odds on an interception for a guy who averages one every forty passes.

Peyton Manning -- Will his first pass of the season be complete, incomplete, or an Interception?
Complete -180 (5/9)
Incomplete +150 (3/2)
Interception +1000 (10/1)


Regarding awards, two things we do know: one, if the Broncos figure prominently into the postseason mix, Peyton will have a great look at the MVP award. Two, if he manages to maintain a pulse and finish the season, he will win the Comeback Player of the Year award.

Peyton Manning -- Will he win 2012 NFL MVP?
Yes 7/1

BET: Stay away

Peyton Manning -- Will he win 2012 Comeback Player of the Year?
Yes 1/1


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36-years old with multiple neck surgeries in the past year? He won't make it to Week 10. 

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