Playing the Over/Under Game on Twitter: 8 Bets to Consider

I don't really do any gambling. It's not really because I don't enjoy the thrill of a good game of chance. It's more because I like the little money I earn to not be flushed down the toilet. If I did gamble, I'd have to take a class on sports betting because I still don't fully understand the whole point-spread business. When someone says, "Take the Giants plus the number," my eyes glaze over and I feel a faint sense of sadness for my fellow man.

But, one thing I do understand is the over/under system and that's something I actually enjoy considering. I'll often pull the over/under game out on friends. For example, number of times my cats will puke on the floor this week. The number is 3.5. Hint: Take the over.

This all-in-good-fun nonsense got me to thinking about how over/under applies to Twitter and I began setting a few lines. Feel free to play along.

8. Average number of tweets by a foodie on a food truck crawl.
Over/Under: 6.5
This number can vary depending upon the length of the crawl, but you'd be well advised to take the over on this one.

7. Number of people I follow who will post more than ten times during South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi).
Over/Under: 27.5
I'm going to take the under just slightly on this one. A lot of people will be tweeting during that godforsaken conference, but I think my feed has slowly been weened of the kinds of social media whores gurus advocates that would tweet more than ten times during the week. If you think you will have the over, you might want to consider the next line.

6. Number of people I will temporarily unfollow to avoid tweets about SXSWi.
Over/Under: 12.5
This is a tough number I've set for myself. On one hand, the vast majority of folks will tweet respectfully, but there will also be a good number who will go on and on. I'm going to go under on this one as well -- faith in humanity and all that.

5. Number of tweets in my stream within three hours of the presidential election being decided declaring the end of the world is at hand.
Over/Under: 16.5
I've tried to rid my stream of most hyper-political tweeters -- my Facebook friends list is another story -- which is why this number is relatively low considering the number of people I follow. But, given the contentious nature of just the primaries, I'm going to take the over on this one and I could see that line moving considerably before election day.

4. Number of times a link to the leaked cell phone photos of Christina Hendricks (link NSFW) will appear in my Twitter stream this week.
Over/Under: 8.5
I don't have THAT many people in my feed who post NSFW links, but we are talking about a woman that has seemed to capture the fancy of a number of gentlemen in our society, a number of whom are on my follow list. Now, if you add to that the fact that the gallery also includes linked cell phone photos from nerd goddess Olivia Munn, that line is way too low. Given the parameters, I'll take the over.

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Nightmare on Bagby
Nightmare on Bagby

There's a great bit in one of Dan Jenkins' novels where someone is explaining sports gambling, and mentions that his bookie also takes over/ under bets on non-sporting events, including the weekend Texas highway death toll. His advice? "Take the over; one good school-bus crash can put you in the money."

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