For St. Patrick's Day: 10 Notable Irish Texans

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Matthew McConaughey: That's a six-pack of Guinness.
This weekend brings St. Patrick's Day, the annual celebration of all things Irish. Even in Texas there are parades.

As well there should be, because Irish Texans have definitely made their mark on the world.

Like these ten:

10. Matthew McConaughey
His Mom was a McCabe. "McConaughey" is Gaelic for "He who plays bongos naked."

9. Audie Murphy
Born to a Murphy and a Killian, Audie Murphy is one of the eight toughest Texan soldiers ever.

8. John Connally
Believe me, I know how many spellings there are of Connelly/Connally/Kenneally etc., etc.

But we will assume that John Connally, the man who got a bullet in the wrist in Dallas, November 1963 and who spent millions to get one GOP delegate in 1972, is an Irishman, if only for the opportunity to play Back 47's great "James Connolly," about an Irishman who took a fatal bullet -- like JFK.

7. Nolan Ryan
We never really thought of Ryan as Irish, for some reason, probably his accent. But we have learned that he is a member of the Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame. We learned, at approximately the same exact moment, that there is such a thing as the Irish-American Baseball Hall of Fame.

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