Jordy Tollett, Former "Mister Downtown," Charged with DWI, Again

Webster PD
Jordy Tollett, looking like he's living a Hank Jr. song.
Former Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau honcho Gerard Jay "Jordy" Tollett, currently the Pasadena Convention Center general manager, has had yet another alcohol-related setback.

This time, it's a DWI bust, courtesy of the police in the sharp-dressed political wheeler-dealer's hometown of Nassau Bay.

This is not Tollett's first DWI, much less the first time booze has loomed large in his life. There were the infamous taxpayer-funded prospective conventioneer junkets to Rick's Cabaret in 1989, and then there was Liquid Lunch-gate back in 2006. That scandal finally helped usher Tollett out of City Hall, where he had been ensconced in various positions since the antediluvian administration of Jim McConn.

Former mayor Bill White was not a Tollett fan, and when KPRC aired footage of Tollett's noontime boozing, White was not shy about expressing his view that it might be time for some "fresh ideas" at the GHCVB. Despite what looked for all the world like a trip to rehab, Tollett resigned in January of 2007, though he continued receiving a six-figure consultant's salary until early 2008.

Which was also when he was convicted of another DWI.

In a case that apparently slipped under the local media's radar completely, Tollett was convicted of DWI in January of 2008 after getting pulled over by Webster PD. In that criminal complaint, it's noted that Tollett had been convicted of DWI in Galveston County back in 2001, and his bond was originally set at $2,500, standard for second offenders.

Apparently attorney Gregory Cagle was able to wangle a DWI-2nd down to a first. Had that deal not been made, Tollett could possibly be looking at prison time if convicted after this March 5 arrest.

Even without that grim prospect, Tollett's current existence is quite a come-down for such a one-time man of power. Though his $82,732 City of Pasadena salary likely exceeds the Kemah seafood joint waiter/busboy's gig one Hair Balls reader erroneously believed him to hold, that is a very tough gig he has today.

Hell, truth be told, we might resort to the bottle more than was good for us too if we were tasked with bringing convention business to the City of Pasadena, a gig that would seem as frustrating and thankless as running an anarchist bookstore in rural Alabama.

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It's sad to know that all of you can pass judgement on a man who has done so much. I wish someone would take all of your mistakes and rub them in your face while the peanut gallery comments. This man changed Downtown without him a lot of you would be without jobs or certain luxuries. One day you will be judged for all of your mistakes and I hope you realize what big mistake you made by making fun of this man. 

Gringo At Padre's
Gringo At Padre's

I was just thinking about Jordy yesterday!! But I can no longer think of his name without immediately referencing "Jordy's Toilet", the name for the bathrooms at the renovated (and ruined) Jones Plaza- DB


He shares John Boehner's penchant for perma-tan apparently. Hope he learns from this latest one but not holding my breath

Tom Byron
Tom Byron

jordy got blotto one afternoon @ tony mandollas and passed out in the fucking bathroom.  poor smutz had shit all over himself. 


Hate to hear this nice guy too, this is why I don't go out drinking and driving. Just stay home and drink there safer and a helluva lot cheaper too.

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