Google Earth's New "Ballparks of America" Video Can't Be Bothered to Get the Mets' Stadium Name Right

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No respect, no respect at all.
Google Earth is celebrating the return of the baseball season with a swooping bird's-eye view of the country's ballparks.

The video zooms you in and out of cities coast-to-coast, including the Astros' Minute Maid Park.

And, of course, the New York Mets' semi-new Shea Stadium.

Not the Shea Stadium that was torn down and turned into a parking lot, of course, but the stadium that everyone but Google Earth calls Citi Field. The video shows the stadium's scoreboard, which clearly says Citi Field, yet the scene has a headline identifying it as Shea.

At least they didn't call Minute Maid the Astrodome.

Of course, even Met fans these days find it hard to get worked up about anything happening at Citi Field.

The video (We e-mailed them, so maybe the "Shea Stadium" graphic will change at some point.)

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The real slim Shea
The real slim Shea

I think the scoreboard actually says "Citi Field" not City Field if you are going to criticize accuracy of names, maybe proofing should be a little better. I suppose you were in the ballpark, though.

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