Evie Herrin and Amelia Crew: Police Say Mom and Daughter Robbed Four Banks in Two States

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Harrison County Jail
Evie and Amelia, Cleveland, Texas's answer to Bonnie and Bonnie Jr.
Move over Bonnie and Clyde and Frank and Jesse James, you've got (alleged) multistate bank-robbing company: Evie and Amelia.

Yesterday Police in Gulfport, Mississippi, busted 57-year-old Evie Mearlene Herrin and her 30-year-old daughter Amelia Darci Crew, both of the Texas town of Cleveland, as they were speeding down I-10 away from an alleged robbery of a Regions Bank. Police say they found the loot and a gun in the car.

According to the Gulfport Sun-Herald, Evie Mearlene donned a wig, walked in the bank, flashed (or possibly just implied she had) a gun and demanded cash. Crew was the alleged getaway driver.

Eyewitnesses gave police a good description of the car and the two were pulled over seven minutes after the robbery.

This might not be Evie and Amelia's first heist.

henderson robbery.jpg
Henderson Police
A woman on a mission. Police in Henderson, Texas, say this is Evie Herrin robbing a bank in their town.
Police in Henderson, Texas, believe that the mama-daughter duo took down that town's Citizen's National Bank on Leap Day and that they are responsible for four robberies: some in Texas, at least one more in Louisiana and the Gulfport job.

The women are currently in the Harrison County Jail on $200,000 bond, and the FBI is investigating their alleged trail of Thelma and Louise Gulf Coast mayhem.

"I love to sing,, and ADORE being the center of attention," posted an Evie Herrin (who we're almost positive is the mama) on Facebook. "Even if that requires me being a GOOBER...."

Or a ROBBER, apparently.

And it looks like the only song she'll be singing soon is "Jailhouse Rock."

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Ricky Hollywood
Ricky Hollywood

I don't know about you guys, but all of a sudden, I really want to play Gem Swap II

D Guzman58
D Guzman58

the daughter looks like something outta Avatar without the blue make up....hell of a disguse to pull a bank job...

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