Forget Etch-a-Sketch: Vintage `60s Toys For Newt, Obama & Rick

mitt etch a sketch.jpg
Mitt Romney, ready to change
A spokesman for Mitt Romney stepped in it this week when he cited the 1960s toy Etch-a-Sketch when discussing how easy it would be for his candidate to pivot, issues-wise, from appealing to the rightwingers of the GOP primary to the more centrist voters in the general election.

It was a bad metaphor for his side, since it reinforced the growing view that Romney doesn't have any core beliefs that he's not willing to change if the political situation calls for it.

But should Mitt Romney be the only 2012 candidate symbolized by a 1960s toy? We think not.

Rick Santorum: Davey & Goliath action figures

"Goliath, there are some consenting adults over there having sex with a condom! I say we stone them!!"

"I don't knooowwww, Davey...."

Newt Gingrich: Moon McDare

The only candidate this year to have the balls to advocate for a moon colony during his administration, Newt Gingrich is Moon McDare personified. The spacesuit allows you to visit any ICU if you have to inform your latest wife you're trading her in for a new model.

Ron Paul: Bozo Bop Bag

No matter how hard you hit him, he's going to bounce back and keep up the fight!! And eventually you will realize it gets pretty damn boring.

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I loved the bozo bop bag I wish they had one of these gadgets I bought for my nephew it was at, a rc helicopter for beginner nice looking piece of technology, back then technology was not that developed, but i loved all the list of toys.

rc helicopter
rc helicopter

You have been given very nice pictures of vintage `60s toys, I have seen and really liked. In them the Ron Paul: Bozo Bop Bag is much batter than other toy to play from my point of view.


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