Ernesto Montemayor: ROTC Instructor Had Sex with Teen Student, Including in the Classroom

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Ernesto Montemayor faces charges.
Police have arrested a 56-year old former ROTC instructor at Pasadena High, for repeatedly having sex with a teenaged student.

Ernesto Montemayor, a former Marine gunnery sergeant according to reports, was arrested in San Antonio.

Court documents filed here in Harris County say that Montemayor had sex with a student who was 16 when the activity started. The sex began three months after they began "dating," the teen told investigators; Montemayor had sex with her in his apartment ten times in the summer and fall of 2010.

Montemayor also had her perform oral sex on three different occasions in a Pasadena High classroom, the teen said.

A teacher noticed the pair were often in the classroom with the doors closed and shades drawn and reported it to school officials, according to court documents. Montemayor denied any sexual activity, the court documents say, but he resigned from the school in February 2011.

The court documents also say Montemayor and the teen exchanged 1,444 cell phone calls between April 2010 and February 2011.

He is charged with improper relationship with a student and sexual assault of a child aged 14 to 17.

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Toby Sneed
Toby Sneed

Way to represent the Corps a-hole.


No, obviously these few teachers need to not be teachers and not be anywhere near children.  Most teachers ARE underpaid, overworked, and still doing their best for the kids they teach.  The things these abusers have done have nothing to do with what a good teacher should be paid.


Ugh I went to school there!


Man, where were teachers like that when I was in school. 


We have a winner!

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