Former NBAer Doug Christie Is Making Porn the Family Business

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A good business move.
It's the middle of March Madness, the NBA regular season and the cusp of NFL free agency, so if you had told me a week ago that I'd do two straight posts that involved some variation of sex tapes and athletes, I'd have said, "Well, yeah, possibly, but probably not."

But if there's anything that tops Hulk Hogan being involved in a sex tape that leaked last week, it would have to be former NBA player Doug Christie deciding to enter the adult film industry.

Like pretty much anything Christie does, this endeavor also heavily involves his wife Jackie, and thankfully it appears (at least, for now) that their roles will be on the production side:

According to Rolling Out, Jackie Christie is about to get into something even messier than the drama on "Basketball Wives" -- the Adult Videos industry. She and her husband, Doug, reportedly stopped by the Ricky Smiley morning show yesterday and dropped a bomb on the airwaves: they're making an adult film.

There is some relief to this news, and that's the fact that Jackie and Doug won't actually star in the movie, but they will produce the film -- which makes me wonder how one decides to jump into the Adult Videos business after 20 years of marriage. And yes, I say one because this had to be all Jackie's idea and Doug just tagged along as usual.

For the uninitiated to the Christie Couple Experience, the highlights of their marriage read like the back of a Best of Pussy Whipped Marriage Moments DVD:

-- Doug was best known for his time in Sacramento for two things -- being part of a choking set of dogs in the playoffs and making a slew of secret hand gestures to his wife during the games. (Good that Christie made his junior high school sign language such a high priority during games.)

-- Jackie was known for her time in Sacramento for two things -- forbidding Doug to talk to female reporters and getting into an actual fight with former Laker Rick Fox in the tunnel after Fox and her baby got into a tussle on the court.

-- Each year, Doug and Jackie renew their marital vows on their anniversary with a ceremony that includes guests and festivities, a ritual that one would hope sees dwindling attendance each year and a slew of pissed-off friends for having to attend this sham of an exercise.

-- They are perhaps the only married couple in television history whose marriage has survived a reality show without divorce, either through their love for one another or the sheer psychotic tour de force that is Jackie Christie.

And now, after a 15-year career that included over $51 million in earnings on the court, Doug Christie has decided that the right career move for him is to become some version of The Colonel from Boogie Nights. I don't know how much of the $51 million Christie has saved, and in turn, I don't know what his desire is to get back into the NBA someday in some capacity (coaching, announcing, etc.), but if he does want back in the game, hopefully he is aware of the Golden Rule of Porn:

Once you are in porn, you are in porn for life.

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Jackie should star, she has the tits for it. I'd put the sausage to 'er.

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