Christopher Windham: Outdoes Larry Craig in Trying to Explain Men's Room Creepiness

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Trinity PD
Chris Windham: Either lying about video or a very unsanitary dude.
First there was the "wide stance" and now this....

A 57-year-old Trinity man said he was followed into a convenience store bathroom by 27-year-old employee Christopher Windham. The man said he stood at a urinal and Windham went into an adjacent stall.

As the man was peeing, he would later claim, Windham stuck his cellphone under the stall's partition and filmed the man while he urinated. The man evidently confronted Windham before notifying police, because Windham had deleted the video by the time they arrived.

Which is all just gross.

Things get a little more amusing when you hear Windham's lame attempt at an excuse...

Windham said he inadvertently filmed the man because he has a highly unusual, fairly acrobatic and extremely unsanitary wiping technique.

Trinity police chief Steven Jones told KTRE that Windham claimed that he had merely been wiping himself, and that he did so by holding himself up with his hand on the nasty bathroom floor. And that hand just happened to have a camera in it. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Despite the fact that there is no video evidence, Windham faces a charge of improper photography, a state jail felony that could net him two years behind bars.

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2 years in jail ?!?...


Yeah, who would've let them do that without stomping on his hand or phone?

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

The older gent should've just turned slightly to the side and peed on him.  Then the creep in the stall could've used his "highly unusual, fairly acrobatic and extremely unsanitary wiping technique" to dry off ...

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