Bartholomew Granger: In Midst of Courthouse Shooting Spree, He Runs Over His Daughter with His Truck

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Bartholomew Granger snapped
Something snapped in Bartholomew Granger yesterday as he went to Beaumont's Jefferson County courthouse for his trial on sexually assaulting a family member.

While driving in his pickup truck, he opened fire with a Beretta CX-4 Storm, injuring three people and killing a 79-year-old woman who was running an errand at the courthouse. In the midst of the spree, he ran over his 20-year-old daughter, leaving her in critical condition.

The Beaumont Enterprise has been all over the story, and they report that Granger was "losing it" over the rape accusation, which was part of a bitter family dispute.

After firing shots, Granger's truck was disabled and he darted into an office building near the courthouse.

He took hostages, but he was going in and out of consciousness from wounds received in the shootout, and they were able to take his weapon away. He then surrendered.

He's in jail on a $4 million bond, facing murder charges. Among the shooting victims was his ex-wife, who was treated and released from the hospital.

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This man most likely felt pushed too far by the injustice & corruption that goes on in Jefferson County. While browsing information about the shooting, I come across Tom Maness praising the security system at the Jefferson County Courthouse. He said that previous to the shooting Granger had tried to breach security, but failed to do so. If this man had tried to breach the security system & was found to have any type of weapon, why would he not have been placed in custody?  From my understanding he was only outside the courthouse on a typical break that was taken for lunch & was due back in court about 1pm. Something sounds off about this supposed attempt to breach security.


He has been crazy. He did not "just snap" due to this. He and his brothers and mother are crazy. I bet it was planned. Investigators should dig deeper and I bet they will find a lot. I have crossed paths with that family many years ago. Just saying....


The family of the woman killed by Granger, Minnie Sebolt, held a press conference earlier today.  There were not, however, any arrests.

Fat Bass Turd
Fat Bass Turd

This person has had a lengthy crimal record includin' illegal firearms charges, so I guess that's why "Citizen X" was there with the culprit's brother, who was then arrested.  "X" just gotta get his media fix on ... what a potlicker.

Falsely Accused
Falsely Accused

I do not whatsoever condone this man's shooting spree, but I know sexual allegations are becoming a norm in our society these days and the majority are later found to be False. With all the new Rape Laws and such, this type of allegation can be used vindictively and easily. These types of allegations can easily be used during divorce battles, custody issues, for financial gain and so forth. In the typical situation it is mostly going to be a he said/she said type thing. This man had to feel at the end of a rope to go to this extreme, but a person cannot no longer trust in our justice system to show truth. Texas is known for injustice and corruption. If you do not believe this, browse information conscerning all the wrongful convictions in Texas that have been overturned and guaranteed numerous more to come in the future. And the majority of these overturned cases have been sexual crime convictions. The typical prosecutor nowadays is not out to obtain and prove the TRUTH, they are only out for a Conviction; which results in a boost of power for them, more money for the state prison system and so forth. Typically Texas is not the state to be in if you want a fair shake.

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