Pro-Lifers to Walk from Houston to Dallas

You walk 250 miles, only to end up in Dallas?
Thirty-nine pro-life women will walk, beginning tomorrow, from the Planned Parenthood building in Houston to the federal courthouse in Dallas, "where it all began."

"All" meaning Roe v. Wade, which heralded America's descent into the Satan-worshipping, baby-killing, Muslim-led swamp that it is today, we guess.

The women -- "each one representing one year of legalized abortion in America, an entire generation touched by heartache and destruction," the group says -- "will walk 250 miles of open remembrance of God's goodness and restoration in their lives, forging a trail of repentance on behalf of America."

It is, they say, "the American women's trail of tears."

So, if you happen to be tooling down an open back road between now and April 5, look out for the Bibles.

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Awesome to show caring for the throw away babies of our society.  May God have mercy on us and may we treasure the lives He entrusts into our care.


Trail of Tears? I see they are keeping it really classy.

Tony M.
Tony M.

They should hold off until mid-July.

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