Azariah Mayreis, 2 Months, Skull & Ribs Fractured, Bayou Body Count No. 36

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Photo by HPD
Shawn Mayreis faces child-endangerment charges
Azariah Mayreis, just two months old, died in a horrific manner, if what police and prosecutors say is true.

The girl's father, Shawn Mayreis, 34, has been charged with injury to a child causing serious bodily injury in connection with the infant's March 8 death in which she suffered fractures to the skull and ribs.

The child had been left in her father's care at their apartment in the 2700 block fo Woodland Park that morning as her mom went off to work.

"Later, suspect Mayreis called both Azariah's mother and 911 when Azariah began to have problems breathing," HPD says. The child was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

"Further investigation led to Shawn Mayreis being charged in baby Azariah's death and he was arrested" Friday, police say.

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I knew this person (not personally) but for about 4 years he lived at the same apartment complex as I and he is a very compasionate man. This is not a murderer. He would help the elders that lived around them with their gardening and their groceries. He also smiled, waved and greeted anyone (including children) in his presence. I dont believe he would ever be capable of a heinus crime such as this. Looks are very decieving as he would not hurt a fly! Very sad that these people are one to judge. Shawn this is Priscilla frm the office- sorry for what happened and God bless you...I hope u and your wife and family can overcome this trajic loss and misunderstanding of the media and police. :'( Makes me very sad that people are very ugly.


I suppose for some women it just doesn't matter with whom they go into rut.


so who the fuck did it then? the boogie man?


I have values, therefore I judge.


@roadgeek What a asshole. Maybe you should really know everything before you open your mouth

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