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Once compared to Willie Mays.
The Astros are celebrating their 50th season in major league baseball this year. The team's going to be rolling out the throwback uniforms on Friday nights, and they'll probably find other ways to celebrate their history before making a new start of it in the American League next season.

I thought I would use this space, before the season gets going, to name my all-time Astros roster. These players would be the ones I would select for my ultimate Astros fantasy roster. My one criterion is that the player has to have been more than just a rental (i.e., Randy Johnson, Carlos Beltran), and he has to have spent more than just a couple of seasons with the club between stops elsewhere (i.e, Jeff Kent, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte).

I'm sure most of you will disagree with my picks, but so be it. You're free to use the comments to leave your roster or complain about a player I left off.


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First Base: Jeff Bagwell.

Second Base: Craig Biggio.

Third Base: Ken Caminiti.

Shortstop: Dickie Thon.

Catcher: Brad Ausmus.

Heavy on players from the glory days of the mid-`90s through the World Series. Jeff Bagwell's the best player to ever suit up for the Astros, as good defensively as he was offensively. Craig Biggio's a legend, and Ken Caminiti was a human vacuum cleaner at the hot corner. Brad Ausmus didn't hit as well as the others, but he knew how to control a pitching staff, and he was the best the team's ever seen at handling opposing baserunners.

The real tragedy is Dickie Thon, who was Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Barry Larkin, etc. before they were even playing. He was hit in the head by a pitch early in the 1984 season, and though he came back to play several more seasons, he was never the same player.

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Paul Hood
Paul Hood

Doug Rader over Caminiti. Otherwise, I don't have a big problem with your infield picks..


Usually I end up being outraged about something when I read a list about the Astros.  Other than leaving Jose Cruz off the team you did a good job.  I especially enjoyed your recognition of J.R. Richard.


 I liked Craig as a catcher when he came up best hitting catcher we ever had. i would make the switch their Biggo my starting catcher and Joe Morgan as my second baseman. I was so mad when Joe got traded. Spec always got his pocket picked and more. he was  terible.


Ashby over Ausmus all day long.

I'll take Mike Scott over Dierker as a starter

Throw in pinch hitter and I'll take Billy Spiers


JR Richard is in no way a better pitcher than Roy Oswalt.  It isn't remotely close.  Oswalt won more games, struck out more batters, walked fewer batters, allowed fewer base runners, had more top-10 Cy Young finishes, pitched in a much more difficult era and park for pitchers, etc., etc.  In his best full season (1979), Richard's ERA+ (130) was worse than Oswalt's career ERA+ (133).  Oswalt was literally better than Richard in every way one pitcher can be better than another. 


"Craig Biggio's a legend"  well, no.

He can back up Little Joe Morgan at 2nd.  Other than that (minor) gripe, good picks and a fun topic to start the year with.

Big YES to JR Richard, also.

big red
big red

I think John Edwards was a better catcher than Ausmus. But he played so long ago, not many are aware of how valuable he was to the team. And he played on some terrible teams.


I totally agree with your comment on JR! He could be the most intimidating pitcher ever!

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