Amazing New Close-Up Look at Apollo 11's Lunar Landing Site

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Photo by NASA
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NASA released a picture today from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera as it passed just 15 miles over the landing site of Apollo 11.

The pictures clearly show the bottom part of the Lunar Module that served as the launching pad for the Eagle.

NASA says the image "provides LRO's best look yet at humanity's first venture to another world."

You can see the remnants of their first steps as dark regions around the Lunar Module (LM) and in dark tracks that lead to the scientific experiments the astronauts set up on the surface....Armstrong and Aldrin's surface activities were quite restricted. Their tracks cover less area than a typical city block!

Hey, where the hell's the flag they left behind? Eureka: EVEN MORE PROOF that the so-called "landing" was all a hoax!

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David Houston
David Houston

How about that dark smudge top left of the crater, under the Lunar Module?  I blew the picture up to look at it, in the photos taken at the time the flag was close to the LM.  Assuming it survived the rockets being fired to leave the moon.

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