3-Year-Old Goes Flying Off Rodeo Carnival Ride In Video

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KTRK obtained amateur video of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo incident in which a three-year-old girl was injured on a ride, and it contradicts earlier stories.

When the incident happened Wednesday, rodeo officials said the girl had squirmed off the Techno Jump ride and fell to the ground, suffering contusions. Eyewitnesses who talked to reporters on the scene said essentially the same thing.

While the video does not capture the incident too clearly, it does show the girl -- who has not been identified -- tumbling dramatically off the ride, feet over her head, as she's maybe eight feet off the ground.

She suffered a concussion and is now resting at home, KTRK reported.

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Stupid parent. #1 You always sit in the middle for incidences like this and #2 what in there pathetic minds would think this is a safe enough ride for a 3 yr old!! Poor girl!


this is tailor-made for Tosh.o

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