The FBI's Most Wanted List Turns 62 Today: Songs About Eight People Who Made It

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Ted Bundy has a song. James Earl Ray, too
Today marks the 62nd birthday of the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list, a gimmick cooked up by J. Edgar Hoover and a friendly newspaperman.

Through the years the list has mostly been filled with criminals no one has ever heard of, but there have been some famous names on it.

Some famous enough to get songs written about them. Here are eight:

8. Osama bin Laden
Everywhere that I go
Ain't the same as before
People I used to know
Just don't know me no more

Man, that's as sad as "(I'm All) Alone in the World" from Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol.

7. Angela Davis
Hey, Angela, they put you in prison,
Angela, they shot down your man.
Angela, youre one of the millions
Of political prisoners in the world.

From John and Yoko. The Rolling Stones' "Sweet Black Angel" on Exile on Main St. is also about Davis, who went on the run after being charged with providing the guns used in a protest gunfight that saw several people die. She was eventually found and put on trial, where she was acquitted. She went on to run for vice president on the Communist Party USA ticket. Unsuccessfully.

6. James Earl Ray
A racist killer gets a tribute from a Finnish white-power band called Mistreat.
The chorus:
James Earl Ray, James Earl Ray
You gave the White race a brand new day
James Earl Ray, James Earl Ray
It was too bad that you had to pay

5. Ted Bundy
Sadistic bastard of deaths comprised
Vicious butcher the face belies
Torture and savagery that logic defies
Everybody dies
Ted Bundy

That's from Coven, who, Wiki tells us, "are recognized as being the band that first introduced the 'Sign of the Horns' to rock and pop culture (as seen on their 1969 debut album release Witchcraft)."

Take that, Longhorns fans.

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Jerod L. Smith
Jerod L. Smith

The Coven that did the song "Ted Bundy" is the early-90s Seattle-based thrash metal band, the Coven that according to Wikipedia introduced the 'devil horns' gesture and released the album "Witchcraft Corrupts Minds and Destroys Souls" is a different band, and I believe went from being a satanic rock band in the late 60s to a popular AM soft rock band in the 70s.

But I could be mistaken.

Rich Connelly
Rich Connelly

Jeez -- Thanks, fixed.

My apologies to Darth Vader.


have you all nothing better to write about??? 

Nightmare on Bagby
Nightmare on Bagby

"Pretty Boy Floyd the outlaw/ Oklahoma knew him well...." - Woody Guthrie


#6 should be revised (even though I'm sure James Earl Jones gets confused with James Earl Ray all the time).


I think #6 should say James Earl Ray and not James Earl Jones... Just a thought.

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