Three Charged in Another Midtown Barroom Beatdown

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Joey Arcidiacono: Alleged victim might suffer a lifetime of blurred vision.
Hard on the heels of another Midtown brawl, three young men have been charged with felony aggravated assault/serious bodily injury after a December 20 beatdown at Celtic Gardens on Louisiana Street in Midtown.

Steven Weil and Grant Woodruff, both 22 and from Bellaire, and Joey Arcidiacono, also 22 and from West University Place, have all made their $30,000 bonds. Likely in connection to this case, Arcidiacono's mother Mary Lee Arcidiacono was charged with misdemeanor interfering with the duties of a public servant when she allegedly attempted to drive away from a West U cop who had legally detained her on January 17.

According to courthouse documents, Weil, Woodruff, Arcidiacono and his brother Chris attempted to enter Celtic Gardens. The complaint states that Joey Arcidiacono entered without showing the doorman his ID and again refused to do so once he got in. While the bouncer was escorting Joey Arcidiacono out, he got into a discussion with Chris Arcidiacono, and that set Joey off.

"Who the fuck you talking to like that. You don't him [sic], that's my fucking brother," Joey Arcidiacono is alleged to have said.

The complaint states that the bouncer again asked Joey Arcidiacono to leave. Again he refused, and then, according to the complaint, Weil entered the fray.

That was when, according to the complaint, Joey Arcidiacono struck the bouncer in the chest with his forearm. Then, Weil allegedly shoved him. The bouncer continued his attempts to get Joey Arcidiacono out the door. Weil then allegedly punched him in the face, and then Arcidiacono followed suit. Both allegedly continued to punch the doorman as he collapsed to the floor.

The fight continued outside the bar, and by then Woodruff had joined in with Weil and Joey Arcidiacono in punching the bouncer.

Police say the doorman suffered numerous facial fractures and will require reconstructive surgery. His nose will be permanently crooked and he runs the risk of a lifetime of blurred vision thanks to a broken orbital bone and the surgeries he will have to endure, the complaint states.

In another complaint, Joey Arcidiacono, whose hand was broken in the fight, allegedly was found to have Tweeted a picture of his injured hand and boasted that he "Knocked the guy the fuggg out."

While it does not excuse Joey Arcidiacono's actions, he and his two-years-older brother survived a horrific 1998 car accident that claimed the life of their 13-year-old brother Johnny. Chris Arcidiacono, 11 at the time of the crash, suffered a traumatic brain injury and spent the next seven years learning to walk and talk again. (Alone among the four men who went to Celtic Gardens, Chris is not charged with any crime.)

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Det. "The" Bunk Moreland
Det. "The" Bunk Moreland

Oh, god damn it.

Ganging up on a guy and tweeting about it doesn't make you tough. It makes you a piece of shit. Congratulations on being pieces of shit, here's hoping the charges stick.


I suppose when you have a $2MM dollar crib in West U you don't have to listen to the cops when they tell you to pull over. Something tells me the attorney will have a hard time convincing mom to settle this one out of court. Knuckleheads.


Rich kids from West U. and Bellaire, hope they get some real time with some of the not rich kids from da hood.


I wonder if the comments on this one will be as....enlightening as the previous brawl article.


Midtown used to be fun.  Now it so ghetto and lame and trashy.  It will go the way the Richmond Strip did back in the 90's.


I am absolutely shocked Celtic Gardens attracts these types.  What's next?  Drunken driving down our beloved Wash Ave?

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