Top 5 College Football Drug Scandals: An Ode to TCU

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TCU: Now part of the Big 12's long-running doping canon.
Yesterday, 17 Texas Christian University students were arrested by Fort Worth authorities following a six-month drug sting. Four TCU football players -- including Tanner Brock, one of the team's top linebackers -- were among those nabbed for selling ecstasy, weed, coke and prescription pills to undercover officers.

We guess it's a fitting way for the Horned Frogs to head into the Big 12, considering the 2007 Texas Longhorns team that had a propensity for drinking and doping.

Thing is, combine TCU with Texas and it still doesn't come close to, in our opinion, the top college football drug scandals of all time (or in Big 8/Southwest Conference/Big 12 history, for that matter).

Three-fourths of Tim Tebow's 2006 teammates got highhighhigh (allegedly).
5. Florida
The 2006 champions of college football that featured the lovable Tim Tebow were also good at getting stonedstonedstoned. This according to former Gators cornerback Wondy Pierre-Louis, who told the media that approximately 75 percent of the team did the pot.

4. South Carolina

A federal grand jury indicted four USC football coaches for hooking up players with the goods after former Gamecocks defensive lineman Tommy Chaikin co-wrote an exposé for Sports Illustrated that detailed his steroid use while in Columbia in the 1980s.

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"The original Yahoo! Sports report doesn't address the issue of drugs, which may or may not have funneled through the University of Miami under Nevin Shapiro's watch."

That's your retraction? Shaprio did not make a single allegation regarding drugs in connection with the University of Miami, it's previous coaching staffs, or it's players, yet you still insinuate that in your half-assed retraction. The University should sue you for libel.


Steve Jansen...if you want to be taken seriously as a journalist, you might want to actually research what you write about.  Even Robinson's overblown article based on Shapiro's overblown tall tales of what happened at Miami does not have a single reference to drugs...not one.  In fact, that's one of the big holes in the Shapiro/Robinson storytelling.  So exactly where are you getting the "drugsdrugsdrugs" accusation against Miami?  As it is, Shapiro's story that Robinson so willingly accepted as gospel (with the hopes of making his career) has been falling apart at the seams.  Thus far, the accusations amount to overblown fantastic stories based on much smaller kernels of truth (most definitely improper benefits were taken, and should result in punishment, but they were nowhere near as grand as Shapiro the con man tried to claim).


Hey buddy, you should try rereading the Yahoo report. No drugs to be found regarding Miami. We know everyone is out to hate, but let's take a look at this article: 

I'll quote a good part for you all --

"I’m not a homer for The U. I wasn’t a homer for Duke lacrosse. I don’t like media narratives that rely on the public giving in to its biases.

There are several large holes in the Yahoo!/Shapiro story and one gaping hole. I’ll start with the biggest because it connects to the others.One word is missing from the Yahoo! story: Drugs."


Steve, you sure about the drugs in the miami report? first i have heard of this..unless you consider alcohol a drug.


One report on ESPN's website (yesterday) reported a total of 82 TCU football players failed "surprise" drug tests on Feb. 1.  Has there been anymore info on this claim?


Yeah ,,,,its like...

Steve Jansen may or may not have cheated on his taxes and his wife.  Their is definitely some smoke there, but we just don't know for sure..  Oh yeah, Steve Jansen, writer from the Houston Press may or may not have committed some major crimes that the houston police department should be looking into.. I mean we just don't know for sure?

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