8 Very Odd Covers of Old Rice Football Programs: From Kinky Sex to Deadly Dull

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You can't tell the players without a program, the old saying goes, and it goes double for Rice football.

Once a power so established it built the huge stadium that still sits on campus, times have grown leaner for the Owls on the field.

But through it all they (or their opponents) have put out programs for each game, and some of them are....odd. Like these eight:

8. Rice vs. SMU, 1950: No vanilla sex here
We've got a kick-dancing, limp-wristed horse with pupils dilated from X, getting ready to receive where it counts. And what he's about to receive doesn't run on no wimpy batteries, either. It's plugged in for full power.

7. Rice vs. TCU, 1935: Subtle product placement
"You sure you don't want a pregame cigarette or three to build up your lung endurance, son?"

6. Rice vs. A&M, 1941: This always happens
If I had a dime for every time some reporter broke up a pass.....

5. Rice vs. LSU, 1967: The most action-packed telephone picture ever
It can be difficult getting a good action shot of players during a football game. Apparently.

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