Houston's Red-Light Camera Nightmare Is Finally Over

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Going, going, gone.
It's a day that many thought would never come: The end of Houston's turbulent, farcical red-light camera circus.

City Council voted today to approve a $4.8 million settlement with American Traffic Solutions, the company that has been sore ever since Houstonians voted to remove the hated devices.

The cameras, which have not been operational since August, will start coming down in 60 days.

If you happen to have a ticket from when the cameras were still working and racking up big bucks, you are liable for it, and ATS will continue to get a portion of your cash.

Mayor Annise Parker tweeted:

The red light camera era is officially over. Cameras have been done since last August. ATS contract dispute now settled. Time to move on.

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We was robbed! And it was Parker and Friedman who done it!

ATS knew where all the skeeltons were buried. They knew our city leaders would have to settle rather than have everything come out in open court

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