Texans' Rashad Butler Not Really Apologizing Much for "Faggots" Tweet

The fail whale comes again for a Houston athlete.
Rashad Butler's Twitter account is the latest bit of fun Misadventures in Athlete Tweeting.

The Texans tackle was watching the Miami Heat-New York Knicks game last night and got a little bit caught up in the action.

He got in some back-and-forth with Laker fans over Kobe Bryant about his uniform number (Why Twitter exists!!) and he offered this bit of rapier wit: "Like I said, Y'all Faggots knew wat I meant."

Well played, sir.

Butler apologized, kinda: Although he said, "I apologize ONCE AGAIN for the tweet i sent earlier. Didn't mean to offend anybody. But I was a lil pissed at some assholes on twitter!"

Some ensuing tweets showed the depth of his contrition.

Rashard Butler Y'all gotta learn to lighten up WHY SO SERIOUS (Joker Voice)
Rashad Butler @KillHershey so I dropped the F bomb not FUCK but the other one... All I said was "y'all F*#***# knew wat I meant"!

In some banter about the Heat-Knicks game:

Rashad Butler
@SouthBeachBarbi ur a CUNT (white boy voice)

The Counterplot I wonder if @rb2cool's tweets is how he wants to represent our city - sad. This is not how #Houston acts. Rashad Butler @HouCounterplot I just speak wat I feel and the truth.
Rashad Butler @NikoGunnz8 I'll just use the word ASSHOLES next time. Is that better?
Rashad Butler @twizzlaa all I know Aisha, ppl getting killed everyday but ppl want to worry about a word I used to get some ignorant ass ppl on twitter off my back.

We're glad all that's settled.

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it's for sure if he had used that "n" word, the Texans wouldn't ignore it.  The Aeros' response to Fontaine was swift and commensurate with his offense.  A two game suspension would be perfectly appropriate.


the texans should fine him $1 million dollars and then cut him. then the harris co. d.a.should file charges and put him in prison. relax frances, and quit being so sensitive

Blacks are stupid
Blacks are stupid

I wonder what his response would be if someone used the "N" word...


Actually the cunt comment had nothing to do with the game and he's since apologized AGAIN get over it..


the Aeros handled a similar situation like 21st century professionals.... will the Texans?

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