PasDoctor Geronimo: Planned Courthouse Lawn Tepee/Tent-Residence Birthday Orgy Halted by Lufkin Cops

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pasdoctor courthouse lawn.jpg
Micah Powell / Lufkin Daily News
PasDoctor Geronimo unsuccessfully pleads his case yesterday afternoon
Sadly, PasDoctor Geronimo's hoped-for 12-plus woman birthday orgy in a custom-built "tepee/tent-residence" on the Angelina County Courthouse lawn -- starring Cameron Diaz -- did not take place yesterday.

Jessica Cooley of the Lufkin Daily News was there for the dramatic confrontation.

She reported that Geronimo, a frequent miscreant whose "white man's name" is Douglas Paul McCoy, did show up at the appointed time.

He arrived on his bike with a bedroll, pillow and tepee-tent-residence on his back. He was wearing a Superman T-shirt, and sported a feather earring from his left ear and had his face streaked in war-paint. He was all geared up for what he had publicly promoted as a planned 12-plus woman all-night sex-a-thon "birthday extravanganza."

But such was not to be. Geronimo was met on the courthouse lawn by Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson, who told the horny Indian outlaw that camping was prohibited within Lufkin city limits.

"Then y'all have me in a catch-22 situation. You'll arrest me for vagrancy, so just take me to jail," Geronimo told the sheriff, crossing his hands behind his back for ease of handcuffing. "I'm not going to Godtel, where I have someone tell me what I can do and when I do it -- telling me when to wake up and when to go to bed."

mccoy war.jpg
Angelina County Jail
PasDoctor Geronimo's manifesto also offers his services as discreet gigolo.
He might not be going to the Godtel, but he would be going to jail. After asking him several times to leave the property, Henson's men took Geronimo into custody on a criminal trespassing charge. Cooley reported that Henson did wish Geronimo a happy birthday. As of last night he was being held in lieu of $15,000 bond.

Space did not permit a full accounting of the highlights of PasDoctor Geronimo's manifesto yesterday, so here are some more.

After rattling off his orgy wish-list, he included a personal ad of sorts:

I PasDoctor Geronimo, also desire to notify single females in the Angelina County area of my pending return and availability to wash vehicles, clean gutters, sweep and mop floors, dust, cook, preparation of bubble baths, make beds, wash dishes, cut grass, rack leaves, and unique and/or special services desires. I only ask for something to eat, something to drink, a place to shower and a place to sleep unless returned to my tepee/tent-residence for sleeping purposes. Tips for all such work, including unique and/or special services rendered are not required or expected as my objective is to simply please. Unique and/or special services provided will be kept in strict confidence, mums the word.

I am more than willing to travel to other areas of the Country and/or other world locations provided travel arrangements can be obtained. I desire to hitch rides with beautiful truck drivers, such as the one recently depicted on TV, specifically, the one who traversed the dangerous mountain roadways of South America. I would love to hear what she wants to do in life. Anyone having a ship capable of traversing seas or a plane to accomodate my joining the mile high club would be greatly appreciated.

high hopes.JPG
Micah Powell / Lufkin Daily News
And he had such high hopes

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Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

Who knows what some freaky and kinky stuff he wanted to do in public. Thats attempted indecent exposure.

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