How Not to Drive a One-Week-Old Lamborghini

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Photo by Fox 26
You gotta walk before you run, son.
You are the absolute cock of the walk, coming out of an upscale bar at 2 a.m. early Monday.

You stroll over to your new $400,000 Lamborghini and, because that's what Lamborghinis are made for, you make sure everyone appreciates your taste and testosterone.

So you decide to leave the lot with a little flair. And you end up banging into a Mercedes and two pedestrians, because these things happen, you know?.

Luckily, there were no serious injuries except to your ego, and you weren't drunk so no charges were filed.

Better luck next time, dude.

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Paul P
Paul P

Perhaps it's time to lobby Austin for a law prohibiting the operation of a motor vehicle while under the influence of testosterone. Of course, you'd have to exempt on-duty cops.


I drive past the Lambo dealer here in Dallas a lot. Them is some sweet rides.


Too bad you can't charge him for stupidity.

David R Priest
David R Priest

If stupidity were a crime, this would be a felony.


No kidding, I've always thought stupidity should be painful.... guess it is painful to his wallet right now...

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