5 Examples Why National Signing Day Is Overhyped Lameness

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There's the hat trick, where Mr. College Football Recruit (who often turns out to be a bust) tries to do the fake-out thing with which hat he'll put on his dome; the flip-flopper who can't make up his mind; and, if you happen to choose the Georgia Bulldogs, the token puppy.

Today (a.k.a. the first Wednesday of February), ESPNU will devote hours of coverage to National Signing Day, where highly rated high-school seniors will stage press conferences that usually turn out to be nauseating displays, much like these five video examples.

Watch at your own risk.

5. Joe McKnight

McKnight's foot-in-mouth routine after his anticlimactic choice -- the future USC Trojan told reporters that he had spoken to alumnus Reggie Bush and then coach Pete Carroll the day before on a conference call, which is a huge no-no according to NCAA rules -- proves that high-school seniors don't need the circus that is National Signing Day.

4. Isaiah Crowell

Warning: You will cringe when you see what Crowell gets after putting on a Georgia cap.

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Khalil McMillan
Khalil McMillan

What about the student that created this entire ruse (press conference, hat thing, praises to god, mother, family and all) about going to a school that never recuited him?

Agreed.  The whole process is a bloated, overhyped affair (like nfl/nba draft day)

Khalil McMillan
Khalil McMillan

My point?  The children/young men aren't solely to blame.  They are young people behaving in the context of the culture in which they are raised/exposed to.  I hate to say it, because it is soooooo cliche, the writer is mad at the subject of his article, because the subject of the article is an object of his chosen medium.

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