Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo: These Are the Maps You Need

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HLS&R: More than just shootin' balloons, although that's pretty cool, too.
It's coming. Soon you will be able to inhale the sweet smell of dung, fried food and amusement-ride grease as you enjoy the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

It's easy to get lost or, more likely, miss something at the Rodeo -- you can be forgiven for thinking there's not much more to it than the Midway and the concert, with some rodeo events tossed in -- but there is a ton to explore.

And even if you find the buildings or areas you didn't know existed, navigating them can be tough. Getting around Reliant Center can be a daunting maze sometimes.

Not to worry. Not only do we have a Rodeo Guide full of info, but we've got maps of all the key places. You can click to expand them and print them out, stick `em in your jeans and head on down to the bright lights.

Reliant Park

Click here for an expanded version of Reliant Park.

Here's the overall bird's-eye view of the site. The light rail will drop you off on Fannin, on the right, and the Rodeo Express bus shuttle's tent is a little south of that.

Kids Country

Click here for an expanded version of Kids Country.

Camel rides? What's a rodeo without them? There's also a petting zoo and -- for the hypercompetitive dads -- a pedal tractor pull. Start on the training regimens NOW!


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