Lance Berkman, Cavorting with the Obamas: He's a RINO!!!

Offical White House photo by Pete Souza
There's a new batch of official photos up on the White House Flickr page, and it includes this damning piece of evidence that Lance Berkman -- former Rice Owl, former Houston Astro, current proud church dude and proud Republican -- is pals with the Obamas.

You know who else pals around with the Obamas? Terrorists, according to Sarah Palin. Therefore, Lance Berkman is a terrorist.

Berkman defenders will no doubt argue he was there to celebrate the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series championship, but since we've thankfully blocked that from our minds, the argument won't hold water.

Lance Berkman: Obama pal, terrorist. We're glad the Astros got rid of him.

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And you, Richard Connelly, are a constant source of amusement.  I often wonder where you went to journalism school and if the men wore dresses to class.


Did you proof this before you posted it?

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