Kaylan Goodman: On the Road Again

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29-year-old Scott Biddle looooves his weed and 18-year-old chicks, brah.
The strange tale of Kaylan Goodman took a stranger turn Saturday, when the 18-year-old left her family after two days to rejoin a traveling magazine sales crew overseen by a man wanted by Colorado authorities on a drug-related warrant.

Kaylan's grandmother told Hair Balls that Kaylan wanted to go back on the Lrumar Publications crew so she could be with a 29-year-old crew manager named Scott Biddle, who she described as her boyfriend. She's believed to be in Kansas City.

Lrumar owner Kevin Davis claimed in a comment to our previous post that "Since all the drama started, I've had Kaylan call me so many times. Begging to come back to work for my company....She has traveled with one of crews and loved it. There wasn't any drug or booze [sic]. They just had a good time. After 27 calls I told her she could come back to work."

Actually, drugs and booze are one of the main draws to mag crews, and Biddle not only posted photos of his weed on Facebook (26 grams in a bag, plus a brownie), he writes of providing weed to his crew. Biddle also peppers his douche-laden commentary with posts like "no big deal its kinda a routine for me wake up coffee puke shower brush my teeth more coffee wake n bake and ready for the day" and (this part is in all-caps) "feelin good now a bottle of Long Island Bicardi [sic] and some shots...here a puff there a puff life is good," which is not the kind of thing you want to keep public if the brilliant media strategy is for your fugitive boss to lie about the presence of drugs on one of his crews.

We feel bad for Kaylan's family, who didn't have any way of preventing her from meeting back up with the crew. We'll be keeping our eye out for her...

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why the hades is this news?

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I think it's more a follow up to the earlier story they did a few months back that exposed these magazine companies for what they do. 

Seems as if her family has been in contact with her recently, couldn't keep her home and are turning to the press to help. Can't say I blame them. However personally, I think her situation is a non-story. She's 18, an adult and free to do what she chooses. Maybe she likes traveling around, drinking and doing drugs. That's her business. 

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