Jason Abbott: Leaves Cocaine in Walmart, Then Leads Cops to Own Door

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Angelina County Jail
Jason Michael Abbott: We hope the $15 phone cord was worth the trouble he is now in.
From the sound of it, Jason Michael Abbott might not be cut out for this whole cocaine thing.

According to court documents reported by KTRE, Abbott, 27 and from Diboll, had some kind of issue he needed to address with customer service at the Lufkin Walmart -- from the sound of it, he wanted to arrange to return a defective cell phone charger.

A surveillance tape would later tell the whole tale: While talking to the customer service rep, Abbott's little bag of cocaine somehow fell from one of his pockets to the counter. At first, only Abbott could see it, and cool as the proverbial cucumber, he placed his motorcycle helmet over the little sack and continued his discussion, which went on for some little time.

Once he was told he could come back and bring in the cell phone charger for a refund or exchange, Abbott grabbed his helmet and walked out the door without so much as a glance at his little bag o' blow, which remained there on the counter.

The rep grabbed the bag and took it to a manager, who called in the cops, who field-tested its contents and found it was cocaine.

Shortly after all that, Abbott returned to the Walmart, charger in hand. The manager quickly called the cops, but by the time they got to the store, Abbott had already left with his refund.

But not before Abbott had helpfully supplied Walmart with his name, address and drivers' license number. A warrant for his arrest was sworn the next day (November 7), but for some reason Abbott was not taken into custody until Friday.

After being formally charged with one count of felony possession of a controlled substance and two counts of aggravated felonious stupidity he paid an undisclosed amount for bail and was a free man this morning.

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That dude jsut looks like a major tool!Total-Privacy dot US


lol @ arrgo felonious stupidity - wow,  the prison overcrowding if it actually was a chargeable offense, think about this ... if stupidity was seriously physically painful, how much better life would be for most of us (most of the time) . . .


I mean who doesnt drop a little coke at walmart from time to time!? #GottaLetSomeShitSlide Lol.

furioso ateo
furioso ateo

So, this guys only crime was possessing a little bag of white powder? I guess that means we should lock him up for the next 10 years, amirite?

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