James Kong: Child Porn and a Whole Lot of Guns & Ammunition

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A very well-protected child-porn stash.
Child-porn investigators had their man: James Kong, 26.

They knew he'd been exchanging child pornography on his computer, but they got a little surprise when they knocked on his door in the 16800 block of Gaelic Lane in the northwest part of the county.

They found the porn, to be sure. They also found 65 weapons and 50,000 rounds of ammo.

Kong came to the door armed, KHOU reports -- we're guessing he usually came to the door armed -- but quickly dropped the gun when he saw cops.

Investigators also found some literature that seemed suspiciously linked to terrorist activities, the station reports, but further examination eliminated that possibility. (Thus depriving the world of the thought of a child-porn loving terrorist, a real contender for the Most Hatable list.)

Kong has been charged for the child porn, court documents indicate. So far, no charges have been filed related to the weapons or ammo.

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The police thought he had terrorist ties and then realized he didn't but did find weapons which makes him look like a bad guy.. Instead of admitting their wrong doing they cover their mistakes by accusing him of child pornography.

Stuff like this does happen but when police are wrong, you will never here it if they can prevent it. i know 2 guys that sued HPD and won, because they were falsely Identified and beaten. The the police realized they had the wrong guys. When the police told them to freeze and don't move, they put their hands in the air. next thing you know, they were beat until the had to go to the hospital.

The press has made it seem bad. There's no way the guy had time. He fishes too much and never has been convicted of a crime.

" we're guessing he usually came to the door armed -- but quickly dropped the gun when he saw cops."

What a joke! he never comes to the door armed.


I know this guy. none of this crap is true. Something else is going on.


But it is a crime to posses a fire arm while commiting a felony.

Clay Wisner
Clay Wisner

Child pornography is a particularly heinous thing. However, there's no law against owning guns and/or ammo. Yet.

Bruce Edmund Carroll
Bruce Edmund Carroll

actually there is a law against owning guns and/or ammo. it pertains to convicted felons. The law states that if you are a convicted felon who was convicted on felony charges such as drugs, murder, manslaughter, violent crimes, certain non violent crimes, and sex crimes. If the following applies to you and you are in possession of ammo and firearms its a crime because you cannot legally own a gun or ammo. But keep in mind that those with certain misdemeanor convictions, as long as its not violent misdemeanor convictions, can own guns, as long as they honestly tell the truth. and they follow the law.

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