Midtown to Get 192-Unit Housing Unit for Homeless Vets

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Groundbreaking is scheduled for tomorrow on an $18 million Midtown project that will include 192 housing units for homeless vets.

Near the old Days Inn on Travis next to the 59 underpass, the Travis Street Plaza will include housing and support services for homeless and disabled veterans. The location is at the southern edge of Midtown.

Funding comes from the feds and Amegy Bank, the Supportive Housing National Equity Fund, Inc., and the Houston Housing Authority.

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The veterans fought for this country, but if the veterans in US VETS "Housing" has a beer & drinks responsibly...THEY THROW THEM OUT TO THE STREETS!


US VETS "Housing" for veterans are all prison-like & All-Controlling; hardly a home when the veterans are baby-sat 24/7 by staff, armed guards, and snitches....

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