Hansraj Jathanna Says Spring Branch ISD Cops Beat & Harassed Him

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SBISD cops are out of line, suit says.
Spring Branch school-district cops used excessive force on a man and later harassed him when he tried to complain, a federal lawsuit says.

Hansraj Jathanna claims in the suit that he was pulled over by an SBISD cop who yelled at him, asked if he was an illegal alien and eventually "forcefully pushed and slammed plaintiff onto the concrete sidewalk, injuring plaintiff's face, temple, nose and knees."

He says he later was kept for hours in an SBISD cell, where a group of officers roughed him up for, he says, "knocking on his cell door and wanting to know why he was arrested and wanting to make a phone call to call his wife."

Things got worse when he tried to complain, the suit claims.

He says he went to the district's headquarters to file a formal complaint, but left after being kept waiting.

Plaintiff decided to leave and as he drove out of the office parking lot, he was unlawfully detained, and then arrested by being surrounded by four Spring Branch ISD police cars.

Spring Branch ISD Police Chief Brawner approached plaintiff along with another officer. After he identified himself and stated that he was aware that plaintiff had been contacting the Spring Branch ISD Office. Chief Brawner proceeded to issue him with a warrant prohibiting him from entering Spring Branch ISD Administration for two years.

On May 9, 2011, both charges were dismissed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office.

He has not specified the amount of damages he's seeking.

We've asked SBISD for a response; we'll update if we get one.

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What kind of name is Hansraj Jathanna?


Make these redneck assholes pay, it's all they understand. While some will say that they're HPD rejects read ( Metro Cops, Constables, etc.) I would think with this behavior they would be on the fast track to a  suppervisory position at HPD.


I have a dream....that someday municipal policing will be outsourced to India.

Jim C
Jim C

My tax dollars hard at work...

I wonder if it occured near a campus or during a time school was in session.  Probably not.


A warrant to prohibit someone from entering a public building? My tax dollars at work. Comparing Brawner to Barney Fife is an insult to Fife.


what type of stupid ass question is that?? and why does that even matter?? You should be ashamed of yourself.

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