Constable May Walker Escapes an Indictment

Constable May Walker, unindicted.
Precinct 7 Constable May Walker, who has been the subject of investigations by both Wayne Dolcefino and a grand jury over campaign finances, will not be indicted for anything, the district attorney's office announced today.

Walker had been accused of mishandling her office, including having her county employees working on her re-election bid during business hours. Dolcefino also accused her of using staffers to solicit campaign donations from other staffers based on their rank.

"Prosecutors and investigators exhaustively gathered evidence and interviewed witnesses," DA Pat Lykos said. "I commend them for their diligence and professionalism. Our system of justice involves many checks and balances. We respect the integrity of the process and the decisions made by grand jurors."

Steven Morris, who heads the DA's Government Integrity Bureau, said the investigation had been thorough. "Although I cannot reveal the proceedings of the grand jury, I can say that they heard all available evidence, reviewed the applicable laws and carefully considered their options," he said.

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notice how the assistant DA Morris doesn't comment toward the allegations.  Read between the lines on what he said.  He isn't agreeing with Lykos, he is only saying that the investigation was thorough.  If the investigation were to have indicated that Walker committed no crime, then Morris would have said so.  Morris carefully chose his words.  It is obvious that Lykos squashed the investigation...

Prof Topkat
Prof Topkat

Something doesn't pass the smell test here.  I seriously doubt Wayne Dolcefino would risk a lawsuit against himself and Channel 13 by making false accusations against Walker.

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