Concerned Legends of KTSU Publish Final Manifesto, Demand Donna Franklin's Immediate Resignation

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In its first manifesto since our feature story about KTSU "The Choice" FM 90.9, the Concerned Legends of KTSU are apparently saying "peace out" for now...but not before lobbing strong words at the management of Texas Southern University's radio station.

As Houston Press previously reported, the perceived shortcomings of the 39-year-old station -- ranging from favoritism towards certain DJs to the blemishing of the programming quality -- inspired the anonymous group to publish biting commentary about KTSU's current administration.

In the group's latest, entitled "What are They Doing to the Black Jewel VII," the Concerned Legends want KTSU assistant general manager Donna Franklin (who has been the center of the controversy) to step down, stat.

We are demanding Ms. Donna Franklin's immediate resignation from the Asst. General Manager's position she ILLEGALLY is drawing a Government check every month for and that [TSU President] Dr. Rudley (Little Hitler) release his stranglehold on the Deejays and other on-air personalities and give us back OUR radio station. It is now up to YOU, the PUBLIC to see to it that positive remodeling occurs at KTSU 90.9 FM today...not tomorrow. If you don't assert your voice you WILL lose this entity shortly FOREVER!

The February 10 letter also alleges that Dr. Freddie Brown, the longtime host of Blue Plate Special, had been unfairly bumped from a slot that he held down for as long as anybody can remember.

The time has come to aggressively deal with this two-headed monster once and for good! Already they have disrespected the only personality that is an ICON in this city's Blues community Dr. Freddie Brown (The Blue Plate Special). After 31 years of loyal service for no pay...and very little respect, they have attempted to kick this legend to the curb, so to speak. In a sneaky move to get him to act a fool with management, they have given his long-time time slot on Monday night to another DJ. Not only that but a DJ that has no reputation in the Blues community for playing Blues music (although he is talented) but who gives a damn; Dr. Freddie Brown is a LEGEND!!!

Since then, a source who did not want to be identified told Hair Balls that since the Concerned Legends' final manifesto was published, Dr. Brown's Monday-night/Tuesday-morning shift had been restored to the 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. (Hair Balls attempted to speak with Brown, but he was unwilling to comment at this time. An e-mail to Franklin hadn't been returned as of the time this post was published.)

In the manifesto's final paragraph, the Concerned Legends sign off like they always do -- with a call for help.

This is a cry out to the true lovers of "The Choice" 90.9 FM KTSU to stand up and be counted. Let your voice be heard! Don't allow these individuals to destroy what you have grown to love.

Honestly Submitted,
Concerned Legends of KTSU

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What was once undoubtedly among the best music stations in town absolutely sucks now. I'll leave the verdict to those who still listen to KTSU.


Somebody over there needs to wake up and realize that that Kenny G lovin' fool Donna Franklin is driving listeners away. Her afternoon time slot should be titled "Dead Air" most days. Dumbing the station down is not the answer to better listenership. Or donorship.


At a recent mandatory staff meeting, KTSU management postured and lied as always - stating that all of the changes made at The Choice were done at the direction of and with the blessing of George Thomas  (KTSU General Manager), James Ward (School of Communications Dean)and John "Rudely" Rudley (TSU's HNIC).  Last week, a communication was sent to Donna Franklin and her henchman Sheldon T. (Terrible, Trashy, Trite) Nunn from George Thomas, rolling back several changes that were announced at the meeting, including the reinstatement of Dr. Freddy Brown and his "Blue Plate Special" to his rightful timeslot, the renaming of Myron Anderson's famous "Listening Back" show and the reinstatement of Super Neil and his Reggae program "Caribbean Vibes". These were changes that were mandated by Donna Franklin and Sheldon Nunn in an effort to cause dissention amongst the long time air personalities and to create discord at the station.  These people are horrible in their current management rolls - Donna Franklin is a shrew and a liar, Sheldon Nunn is a malcontent and a liar.  It is good to see Mr. Thomas step up and reclaim some of the dignity of KTSU that has frankly been destroyed by his current underlings.  Everything about KTSU is currently exponentially worse than it has ever been in the station's history.  Advertisers cannot count on getting the ad time that they pay for - Larry Johnson and Deborah Chambers have screwed over any legitimate businesses that would patronize KTSU.  Loyal listeners are constantly bombarded with "begging" for donations every six months while getting no bang for their buck.  If membership has its privileges, what are they?  If we the listeners want change, we MUST NOT support KTSU in their pledge drive efforts.  We MUST tighten our purse strings and hit them where it hurts most.  KTSU is a treasure in our community and those in charge of it have just F*@#~D it up.  I want our station back - let's keep fighting. 

David Beebe
David Beebe

KTSU changed my musical life for the better back in the early 90's when I was on the door staff/ticket booth lowest level management at Rockefeller's- a true gift for a young man who was interested in learning more about jazz and classic soul right out of UT and returning to Houston for all the right reasons- diversity, variety, knowledge and musically educated content. It's still a jewel, but it takes much less effort to tear down years of work, love, care and cohesive musical content than it does to tear it down. Best wishes to the true lovers of one of Houston's true musical treasures- David Beebe, radio DJ on KRTS, 100,000 watt NPR affiliate, Marfa, TX

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

We feel your pain, but that "Little Hitler" comment might make Spielberg have a "come undone" ...

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