Comment of the Day: Michael Berry's Bashing of Gay-Bashing

We have some great commenters here on Hair Balls, and it's time we paid some damn attention to them.

So we'll be highlighting a Comment of the Day each morning, from the previous day's work. Maybe two comments, even.

This will all be determined by a highly rigorous scientific formula involving wit, clarity and whatever else we feel like at the moment.

We wrote about KTRH host Michael Berry finally commenting on his alleged hit-and-run outside a gay bar. Berry, a rightwinger, blasted gay-bashers and said he had never been one on his show.

At least one reader wasn't buying all of that.

kylejack wrote:

He doesn't have to call it bashing if he wants, I guess, but he frequently cracks jokes about gay people using gerbils for sex. He was relentless when Barney Frank visited Houston. He also makes statements like, "If you pick a truck on gas mileage, you are gay."

I've never been to TC's, but I have heard from several that it has a bad reputation in the gay community for being a sleazy place.

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Alan Elkins
Alan Elkins

<mb back="" get="" on="" plantation.="" to="" told=""> Michael Berry is in a bad place of his own making, obviously. If he scraped the fellow's car--then he should compensate him fairly. I don't know if MB was at TC's to see the drag show or not but he does play Shirley Q Liquor regularly on his KTRH show. This is an act by a funny guy who is MB's old friend from West Orange, dressed as a Moms Mabley-looking character telling non-pc jokes about religion, race, politics, and sex. MB even has Shirley Q announce his caller rules almost every day: "How You Durrin? Do not ask Michael Berry how he is, Mr Berry is fine."  Many times he has interviewed Shirley Q or played an entire bit from the act. 

"Shirley Q Liquor" is a long running character portrayed by Charles Knipp, a nationally-known, gay, smart,  stand-up comic. Knipp has been profiled in Rolling Stone, and championed by his buddy, RuPaul. This character "Shirley Q"  is like Michael Berry---hard to take but a carefully constructed personality that makes intelligent, entertaining,(frequently cringeworthy) social commentary. MB promotes this gay comedian playing  Shirley Q Liquor for a reason. Knipp exposes racial/cultural/sexual/religious bias with insight and humor. Has the Liberal Public Square gotten too PC to for the humor of Shirley Q ? There is no other radio host that could play Shirley Q Liquor and it be consistent with his show's culture. None.      What is the story here? MB has not made anti-gay positions part of his public or private idenity. He talks and walks tolerance and love of the different. He loves his two adopted black sons, is married to a non-Anglo immigrant wife. He promotes a gay, drag queen comedian as his hometown friend. Sends listeners from his web page to Knipp's. In 2010  MB was Producer of HPress "Feature Movie of Year", a docu-drama on Bolivar.  Last year MB was named Houston Talk Radio host of year by HPress. Now he is being attacked because he dares to leave the "Conservative Plantation" and mingle with regular folks. Michael Berry's problem is that he treats all types with the the same biting humor. Even gay types. Even black types. Even religious types.RGrayson</mb>

Decent American
Decent American

TC's only became sleazy when all those republicans started hanging out there. 


 He cracks jokes about gay people using gerbils for sex, and makes heteronormative statements like if you buy a truck based on the gas mileage you are gay. I'm sure many of us wish we were married to a millionaire and financially secure enough to not worry about gas mileage.

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