The Five Best Times to Stay Off Twitter

Sometimes seeing the fail whale is not the worst thing in the world.
Twitter can be a really engaging tool. It provides a great way to benignly interact with people and is rapidly becoming the best source for breaking news media. But it has its pitfalls and I'm not just talking about those people you follow who always post their workout information.

There are certain times when it's a good idea to avoid Twitter altogether. Obviously, some of these may not apply to you if you are involved in any of these endeavors. But, if you aren't, consider finding some other way to spend your time, perhaps playing Words with Friends.

Here are the five best times to just say no to Twitter.

5. During Televised Events
The Grammys, the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl, political debates; these are the killers of Twitter. Besides the play-by-play wannabes who broadcast every moment of the action in their stream, there are those who don't know anything about what they are watching but feel inclined to participate anyway. Instead of tweeting about it, just watch it. One technology at a time is enough.

4. When Someone Famous Dies
Twitter has become the source for breaking news, and celebrity deaths like Whitney Houston are no exception. However, once you have seen the news that a mega celeb has passed, your best bet is to hightail it away from Twitter immediately. The "RIP" posts are about to start dominating your entire friend feed.

3. During a Tech Convention
Whenever a huge technology convention like the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference or CES is ongoing, I find it best to avoid my tech tweeters. Generally, I'll just mute them rather than leaving Twitter. But, when a big social media gathering happens, I run for the hills screaming.

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Limit who you add to your followers list


The best time to avoid twitter is always.


Can't you avoid those things by not following douchebags?


Another time to avoid Twitter is when somebody actually warns you they are going to Live Tweet an event.

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