Bayer Aspirin Between Gals' Knees For Contraception? Now These Old Bayer Ads Make Sense

Foster Friess, the big-bucks donor to Rick Santorum's presidential hopes, went on TV talking about contraception today, because that is the most pressing issue facing the country.

"Back in my day, they used Bayer Aspirin for contraceptives. The gals put it between their knees and it wasn't that costly," he said.

Now, someone who uses the term "the gals" probably meant this all as an allegedly funny way of saying "keep your legs together and you won't get pregnant," but maybe not.

Maybe Bayer does have some magic contraceptive uses. In which case, these vintage ads finally make sense, sorta.

The swingin' behatted dude in the middle is actually saying "Shit, they're both pregnant?!?" The woman on the left is trying to reassure him as he gets the hell out of there, yelling "Don't worry!! I have a Bayer aspirin!! I'm going to put it between my legs!!", while the woman on the right, sadly Bayer-less, has put on a hazmat suit in hopes of keeping all stray sperm away.

She's holding that damn tablet as tight as she can between her knees, but that sexy mustache on the doc is not making things any easier.

"It happens in two seconds!" Well, not if you're doing it right.

Lady, we don't care what your friends told you at that slumber party in sixth grade, you can't get pregnant with a blow job.

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Mr. Friess obviously was being humorous and the umpteenth misquotes indicates most do not get the joke, what Friess was illustrating or are lying to smear their political opposition. In a back handed way, he communicated how much our social mores have changed and how inexpensive birth control pills are. Is aspirin mandated in health insurance policies even though  the cost is similar as birth control pills?  That is the point Friess simply made.  This entire issue is about Constitutional power and if the government has the right to mandate actions of its citizens for simply existing.  Can the government law mandate its citizens to provide free items to its customers if it goes against their religious beliefs?

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Amber Anderson
Amber Anderson

And this is a huge financial supporter of Santorum - who is up 34% in the polls.  What is happening to this world????


The Republican implosion is just great!  Wow! Mr. Friess, like it or not, you have gone viral!  Can Republicans find more ways to lose an election?  It's fantastic.  Other than the lame candidates and theirSuperPAC backers, they can blame Conservative pundits like Sean Hannity for theinability to field a competitive candidate. As long as Sean is around, Republican may never win the Presidencyagain.


Back in his day, it was stylish to wear an onion around his waist. Not the red ones, of course, because of the war.


 beefrank, I see you have never purchased birth control before.  It is not as inexpensive as asprin. In fact without insurance coverage it can be quite expensive for the consumer, from $50-70 dollars a month or even higher, particularly if one is required to take a specific kind of pill for health reasons. Also your interpretation of Friess' comment is a stretch.

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