Alvaro Guzman: Volunteer Sues Lakewood Over False Child-Sex Accusations

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Lakewood could have prevented false accusation, suit says
We wrote last May about Alvaro Guzman, a Lakewood Church volunteer who was arrested on charges of fondling an eight-year-old autistic boy.

Not only has Guzman been cleared of the charges -- a grand jury refused to indict him -- he is suing Lakewood for putting him through hell, court documents show.

Guzman has sued Lakewood for $10 million for "lost wages, damage to reputation, lost future wages, lost future opportunities, damage to licenses, and [for having] to endure ridicule, anxiety, pain and illness," according to his suit.

He says Lakewood failed to have proper training and procedures in place to prevent the false accusation from going forward, including a lack of security cameras that would have disproved the charges.

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It's a matter of time before somebody comes after the HP.  I mean poking fun at Eastex rednecsk on meth is fun, it could and is very close to crossing the line.

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