5th-Grader Abducted, Sexually "Touched" & Returned to HISD School

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HISD says patrols will be stepped up.
A fifth-grade girl from White Elementary was abducted this morning on her way to school by a man who drove her to an apartment "where he touched her in an inappropriate sexual manner" and then returned her to school, HISD says.

The principal of the west side school, at 9001 Triola Lane, sent a letter home to parents telling them of the incident and urging students to travel in groups going to and from the campus.

The girls described the perpetrator as an "African American man with dreadlocks," HISD says, and he was driving a black car, possibly a Honda.

After taking her to his apartment, the man "then drove her back to a street near the White Elementary campus and let her out of the vehicle," HISD says. "A parent of another White Elementary student saw the girl on the roadside and noticed that she was in distress. The parent drove the girl to school, where she reported to staff what had happened."

"Houston ISD police will increase their patrol presence in the area surrounding White throughout the coming days," the district added.

The student received some medical attention after the incident and met with a counselor.

Anyone with information on the attack is asked to call police.

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