50 Years On: The Smithsonian's Five Weirdest Items from John Glenn's Flight

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Fifty years ago John Glenn became the first American into orbit, an important first step on the way to the moon.

You can search the Smithsonian's archives for Friendship 7 items, and some of them are, well, odd.

Like these five:

5. Mark Dixon's blanket
Who's Mark Dixon? Just some kid from Michigan who had a John Glenn blanket on his bed in his youth. And kept it, fortunately for the Smithsonian.

4. One urine bag, unused
Just think, kids: John Glenn's dick could have gone right in that hole!! Sadly, we have no used urine bags on display.

3. "First-aid kit"
Really, NASA? This is a first-aid kit? It looks like something the weird poor kid down the block would tape together when he was jealous that everyone else had a Swiss Army knife.

The Smithsonian says the thing was only intended for use "in the event of a minor mishap," and Glenn is probably thankful none came up.

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The insatiable Figgy Jones
The insatiable Figgy Jones

Wasn't "John Glenn's Dick" a folk trio in New Bedford, Mass.? Their Medieval Whaling Song (Reprise) was a hit in the late '70s..

Cap'n Bob
Cap'n Bob

The guy on the medallion looks like Col. Shorty Powers, the guy in charge of the mission.


If that's remotely true you win the Internet.

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