The 10 Oddest Super Bowl Halftime Performers

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Miss Texas 1973 - Judy Mallett.jpg
Judy Mallett, sans fiddle
The Super Bowl seems to be running out of stadium-sized performers who can attract eyeballs (the Black-Eyed Peas?), and this year they're hoping that faded scandalist Madonna will do the trick.

It's not like they haven't been desperate before.

In the early days of the event, producers regularly turned to black marching bands like Grambling or Florida A&M to spice things up. Then they tended to celebrate Hollywood or Mardi Gras a lot, depending on the location.

Along the way, there have been some oddities onstage, performers who are either obscure, seem out of place, or names you'd forgotten had ever been involved with the show.

Here are ten:

10. George Burns and Mickey Rooney
If there's a pairing that says "excitement" more than George Burns and Mickey Rooney, we'd like to know what it is.

The two took part in a "Salute to Hollywood's 100th Anniversary -- The World of Make Believe" in 1987, which would have made them both 110 or so.. But magnetic!!

9. Indiana Jones & Marion Ravenwood
In 1995 the theme was "Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye" because, hey, what the hell.

Included were two performers who were not Harrison Ford or Karen Allen and -- because this is what you think about when you think "Indian Jones" -- Patti LaBelle, Teddy Pendergrass and the Miami Sound Machine.

8. Judy Mallett (Miss Texas 1973) on fiddle
The crowd that descended on Rice Stadium in 1974 were amply rewarded with a terrible football game and a halftime show featuring the UT band and a Miss Texas on fiddle. Talk about going away satisfied.

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Miss Texas 1973 was awsome. I would love to find the song played on here at the time of the Super Bowl. I have the 45 and it is a very special record to me. For all you haters, You dont know what good music was back then. Some of the halftime shows that have been showed since then suck.


What's odd about the reigning Miss Texas performing country music IN A TEXAS STADIUM when TEXAS is hosting the SUPER BOWL?  As a parent and now grand parent, I would prefer to watch an accomplished and entertaining  rendition of Orange Blossom Special during the Super Bowl Half Time  than to be subjected to a celebrity flaunting her breasts in front of my children and grand children!

 Your comments are insulting and defamatory and have caused me personal embarrassment and humiliation with family and friends who read your blog. In fact, my own daughter sent me the link to your comments!   Shame on you!   Judy Mallett Cureton, Attorney 

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