Week in Photos: Battleship Texas

Categories: Art

Each week, we take a dip into the Houston Press Flickr pool and see what our talented photographers have been up to. We're looking for pictures that represent the best of Houston, from food to art to events, to secret hidden spots of beauty. Just drop them in our Flickr group right here. Maybe you'll see them in this spot next week.

As always, for more information on a subject or photographer, just click on the photo.

Battleship Texas BB-35


Flock of flamingos


Old, New, Etc.

Local Color

Eatsie Boys:- Pork Snuggies

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try it
try it

The battle ship looks like hell, jeez do something with it ...


try it - They are smart guy.  The Battleship Society finally gathered all the funds to start restoration. It's current berth will be transformed into a drydock so they can do all of the necessary repairs.  I bet you're not aging all the well either...  

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