The Countriest Auto Wreck Ever

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This East Texas donkey's escape from his pasture was tragically brief.
By the time the dust had settled Tuesday afternoon on the two-truck, one-animal wreck on FM 1005 near the Deep East Texas hamlet of Mount Union, a 97-year-old man would be hospitalized, a donkey would be dead, and a logging truck and a 1989 Dodge pick-up truck would be damaged.

According to KJAS, it all started when an AT&T lineman entered a pasture in order to access a cellphone tower. Sadly, and tragically, before he could close the gate, a donkey escaped and wandered into the road.

Headed south down the highway there came a logging truck driven by Tammy Jenkins of Silsbee. Jenkins saw the ass in time to slam on the brakes and avoid a collision. Not as fortunate was 97-year-old Preston Booker, who was in his 22-year-old truck and headed towards his home in nearby Magnolia Springs.

Authorities believe he never saw the donkey before his '89 Dodge struck the animal as there is no evidence suggesting he either hit his brakes or attempted to steer out of the way. They also believe he lost consciousness on impact with the donkey.

Booker's truck went on to slam into the logging truck. Jenkins was unhurt, but area volunteer firefighters had to cut the unconscious Booker from the wreckage.

He was taken to a hospital in Jasper, where his condition is unknown.

The donkey was euthanized at the scene.

UPDATE: JANUARY 5: Booker passed away last night at the Jasper Hospital.

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 I knew this man, he truly didn't deserve to die this way.  Such a terrible loss to this community and his family.  You would have been proud to know him.


Very sad story given the outcome, but there is something just so morbidly funny about it. As if Monty Python was doing a sketch in East Texas.


Headline could have been 97year old gets some ass on FM 1005.

Nightmare on Bagby
Nightmare on Bagby

Best lead since Edna Buchannan was still writing on deadline! Serious "must keep reading" intro.


thanks..this was my great uncle

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