Houston Texans "Super Bowl Tattoo Guy" Speaks in the Aftermath of the 2011 Season

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When I asked Brown how he was processing the game as it went along, especially the final score, he said, "Honestly, I didn't even think about the tattoo. I just processed it like a normal game. In fact, the tattoo wasn't even on my mind until right after the game when my phone started blowing up, and my friends were calling me and texting me 'HA HA!'"

Nice friends, huh? Brown laughed and said, "Hey, if we can't pick on our friends, who can we pick on?"

Okay, so we established that the tattoo had become enough of a fixture to where he didn't obsess about it game in and game out. That's probably not a surprise, as Brown has many tattoos on his body ("A walking biography," he says. "Some I like, some I regret. Like life.") and the Texans tattoo essentially became like a new member of his tattoo family.

But it does say "SUPER BOWL XLVI." I mean, it's factually WRONG. So naturally, Brown is hoping the Texans win the whole thing in the next two years so he can add a Roman numeral "I" to the end of it and correct it, right?


"I specifically did the shading around the Roman numeral so it would represent THIS season. I can't add an 'I' to it, and I don't want to," Brown said.

Instead of seeing the tattoo as a permanent typo, Brown prefers to see the ink as a constant reminder of a great season, and a fifteen-minute period of fame that he really wasn't aware of until about the fourteenth minute. Brown had no idea about the magnitude of Deadspin coverage ("They wrote about Rob Lowe today, I know that"), and he admits that his wife got far more angry over pieces that poked fun at Brown than he did.

So if you're hoping for a story to help rationalize your "Texans depression," where you can tell yourself, "At least I'm not so-and-so," you'll need to look elsewhere. Chris Brown still loves his tattoo, still loves the Texans and can't wait for 2012. His biggest concern now is how the Texans handle going from being the hunter to the hunted: "What are we gonna do now that we're a powerhouse?!?"

So Brown will continue to take his lumps around town from his buddies ribbing him and enjoy the occasional free drink from a Texan fan. And if reminded, he'll probably wonder why we all think this tattoo is such a big deal.

Because clearly this tattoo and its newfound lack of factual inaccuracy seem to be a much bigger obsession for all of us than they are for Chris Brown.

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Still smarter, more tasteful and less embarrassing than wearing a cowgirls jersey in public.

Morgan Johanson
Morgan Johanson

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.William Morris.


Way to own it.  Man's Man.


Right On Man keep going with your gut feeling


Oh thank you so much. I was hoping someone would catch up with this guy. 

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